Winter Protocol – Pitches

Winter Protocol – Pitches

Dear All,

As is this time of year, both of our water based pitches tend to freeze over regularly. Listed below is the club protocol to ensure the safety of everyone is upheld and all teams are informed in a timely manner.

In the case of bad weather, we should follow the procedure below:


  1. The captain or team representative should ascertain the visiting team’s departure time from its home base.
  2. The captain or team representative must inspect the pitch before this departure time. A realistic view must be taken at this stage, including travel conditions. Checking the weather forecast the night before is also advisable to pre-warn travelling teams of potential pitch issues.
  3. If the pitch is deemed unfit on the day and is likely to remain so, the game should be postponed and the travelling team and umpires informed before their departure times. This must be done by an answered phone call or receipted email.
  4. In the event that the pitch is deemed likely to be playable later in the day, then the higher placed teams within the club will take preference. The lower placed teams, irrespective of section, will be postponed or played at a later time on the day, if possible.


WHC Management Committee