Green Army Hockey Camps Summer 2017

Green Army Hockey Camps Summer 2017

Sportways 2017 Wakefield & Amsterdam


Wakefield – 24-28th July

The amazing Sportways are back in Wakefield for a 4th year! All the details can be found via the link below.

Amsterdam – August 2017

I am trying to organise a group to travel across to one of Sportways Camps in Amsterdam this August. These camps are always fully booked with around 180 kids per camp, along with loads of top dutch coaches and current international top players! If you/you’re child is interested in travelling across as a group with myself (and probably my wife Zoe, who is a teacher) then please let me know by email. There are 2 possible camps we could book.

Amsterdam All Stars Hockey Camp 4 – 13-19th August

Amsterdam EuroHockey Championships Camp – 20-25th August

This includes attending some of the senior European Championships fixtures.

If we have enough kids interested in travelling across, I will organise group flights across and communicate regarding price (currently around £100 return). Please specify which camp you would be interested in, or which is you’re preferred if interested in either. This would be a fantastic opportunity and experience for the kids to play with kids from all over the world, and hopefully you as parents would be happier with them travelling across with myself rather than on their own. Please pass this on to others at Wakefield HC and other clubs and schools as the bigger the group the better the experience!
All details are on the link below, as well as the link to the booking form

Thanks, Danny.